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Your Data Journey Starts Here (video)

Conquering Your Data and Quality Challenges

Running a Head Start program is tough – federal requirements demand effective data analysis, strategy and implementation. Can your team:

  • Identify children early in the school year who are at greatest risk?
  • Segment chronically absent children for effective intervention?
  • Sort teacher and child performance relationships?
  • Prioritize attention to families, based on education level and literacy?
  • Benchmark outcomes against other programs?

No matter how talented your team, they still need tools for linking, filtering and displaying your data.  They also need the training, coaching and peer support to implement requirements for “continuous quality improvement.”  The Q.I. Network is your resource for ingesting data and helping your team function at the highest level, with:

  • Intuitive visualization linking data across silos
  • Friendly experts in improvement science
  • Seasoned Head Start directors to guide and train your team
  • Exemplar sessions highlighting best practices with data
  • Communities of practice for applying these tools and methods

Federal data requirements are demanding. Join the largest, most successful network of Head Start programs tackling these challenges today and access our talented group of experts to reach your program’s potential.

    Data ROI

    Programs invest thousands of staff hours into data collection, but there’s little return on that investment without analytics and CQI. The purpose of the Q.I. Network is to deliver the value sitting untapped in your data: stronger federal reviews, improved school readiness and better family outcomes.

    Combining Several Powerful Resources

    Data Analytics

    New, affordable dashboards with visualizations that enable Head Start programs to more easily absorb and use data. A data warehouse cuts across silos and supports robust analysis.


    Anonymous benchmarks enable comparisons across programs that have never previously been available, to identify bright spots and support learning.

    Training & Coaching

    Improvement science trainers advise participants on CQI tools and strategies, complemented by subject matter experts. Program teams receive regular coaching to support local implementation.

    Learning Community

    Participants enjoy the support of colleagues going through the quality journey together. Learning groups are organized around key topics and program demographics, to compare and learn from what works.

    What Our Members Say

    “The Q.I. Network felt expensive when we first applied, but now after receiving the dashboards, CQI training and continuous coaching, it definitely is one of the best values of any service we’ve purchased. We are very pleased and are renewing our membership for another year.”

    Wassy Tesfa
    Head Start Executive Director
    Pacific Clinics

    “I appreciate that the dashboards address areas that have been overlooked in the past, such as family services. The analytics connect child assessments to family needs and outcomes, giving our staff visibility across silos and into the connections between family life and child learning.”

    Denise Lee
    Head Start Program Director
    Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA)

    “The Q.I. Network design is truly remarkable. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen in Head Start in a while and I can’t wait until our team gets really steeped in this work and starts to see the impacts on our child and family outcomes.”

    Debbie Peralez
    Child Start, Inc.

    “The QI Network has helped us look at program systems with a different perspective. We now have the tools at hand to dive deep into our data, what is working and what we can adjust for improvement. It has allowed us to improve our intake process with families, saving time for our Family Advocates. We are beginning to apply the processes to other systems within the program and are excited about the potential results.”

    Jill Brenner
    Deputy Director/Child Development Manager
    Kitsap Community Resources, Washington

    “My favorite part of the Q.I. Network experience was working with our coach. This process was the most fulfilling for me personally in regards to what I do here at our program in the area of CQI, program planning, self assessment, etc. She provided a forum for our team to think on a deeper level about an area we are struggling with and it forced us to think outside of the box. I found that the methods she used allowed us to work together collectively to come up with solutions and I found that to be quite helpful.”

    Erica Peterson
    Planning & Development Specialist
    Blair County Head Start, Pennsylvania

    Coaches and Teams Share

    Check out a recent webinar where improvement coaches, program director and team members describe their experience in the Q.I. Network.

    Benefits of Participation

    Four key benefits described by our members

    Federal Standards

    Better prepared staff are able to confidently lead data tours and ace FA2 visits, addressing key issues like school readiness and family engagement. Quality is not simply avoiding DRS, but driving quality beyond federal standards.


    Our tools help programs to quickly identify the children and families needing more attention and inform interventions that address disparities. Measurement and analysis are invaluable resources in closing the achievement gap.

    New Efficiencies

    Our analytic tools and improvement coaching enable managers to work smarter, not harder. Intuitive data visualizations and strategies that address systems instead of one-off solutions combine to fuel more efficiency.

    Workplace Culture

    Effective quality improvement embodies a culture of exploration, inquiry, learning and collaboration. Data is shared and front line workers are involved in developing and testing solutions. The benefit in workplace culture spills over into all areas of the program.

    View our pricing page for more details about our Q.I. Network memberships.


    A subscription to the Q.I. Network connects you with the smartest Head Start programs in the country. Subscriptions run July 1 through June 30. Most programs explore and decide to join in the Winter or early Spring, as they plan for the coming year.

    The first step is a brief (20 minute) call to better understand your needs. We’ll then forward you details about what to expect and arrange a session for your team with a Member Advisor to field questions and map out a plan to address your needs.


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