Head Start directors, are you ready for your next federal review?

Head Start directors, are you ready for your next federal review?

As data visualization and analytics software has become affordable and commonplace, OHS has updated the Performance Standards and Monitoring protocols to reflect this transformation. Federal standards 1302-102(c) (1-2) now require programs to implement systems of continuous improvement.

These expectations continue to rise. Every year federal monitoring protocols ask programs more about their data. They expect staff to have the right tools to analyze their data. The Q.I. Network not only helps you meet the OHS’ standard for continuous improvement, but it provides ongoing support through your quality improvement journey.

Benefits of joining
the Q. I. Network:

  • Embed qualitative and quantitative data across your organization 
  • Identify areas of improvement and create a path towards success 
  • Boost staff confidence for federal reviews through customized coaching 
  • Sharpen decision-making using the Q.I. Network dashboard 
  • Communicate your Head Start program’s story using data

Feedback on the Q.I. Network

“This past year, we had our Focus Area 2 and the year before that we had Focus Area 1, and we did great in both. I really think that we can attribute some of that to this work that we were doing with the QI Network because … CQI is now incorporated into our monitoring system.”

~ Juan Cisneros, Executive Director of Child Start ~

Perspective of a Federal Reviewer:

“Directors in the Q.I. Network should know how important it is to leverage their participation in the network [during their review]. It gives them access to the Power BI and quality improvement experts who help them build the capacity to shift their organization from one that focuses on compliance to one that understands what it means to be a learning organization.”

~ Dr. Desiree Del-Zio, Former Reviewer, Early Intel Director of Services ~

Do your staff have the tools and confidence to explain your data story, including around school readiness, chronic absence, family needs and ensuring health and safety?