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Takeaways from the Data and Q.I. Institute

To be honest: when we first recruited the Harvard team to present their early childhood data bootcamp to Head Start leaders, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Professors Nonie and Stephanie of the Zaentz Early Education Initiative are respected educators, but they have limited experience with Head Start. Our…

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Headstart Covid-19

Findings from National Program Survey

Early Intel and the National Head Start Association have released findings from a joint survey of over 300 Head Start programs, regarding how they're responding to closures from Covid-19. The survey found that while most programs were forced to close their doors, staff continued to provide services, often in creative…

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Planning for Trauma Informed Care

Thanks to new federal funding, Head Start programs have the opportunity to strengthen their approach to trauma. The ability of staff to recognize the impact of trauma in themselves and others, to understand the effects and to effectively respond offers a chance to make a real difference in the lives…

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Drive Continuous Improvement in Your Program

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New Series for Head Start this Fall:  Data and CQI Solutions - @RIVHSA @Region9HS @R7HSA @PHSA @WSAHSECEAP #HeadStart

Great analysis. I had not heard the term "epistemic" (relating to knowledge or to the degree of its validation) before, but I expect that we all will in the years ahead.
Opinion | A war on truth is raging. Not everyone recognizes we’re in it.

If your Head Start program has been thinking about joining us, the application deadline is April 30. This could be your year to master federal data requirements.... @Region 9 Head Start Association @WSA Head Start and ECEAP #HeadStart #ECEdata

When early childhood practitioners can easily access and sort their data, it upends the traditional power balance. Instead of deferring to researchers and policy makers, program leaders become equal partners. Everyone wins. #SRCD2021 #HeadStart

Are you managing data the hard way or the easy way? Head Starts outsource the drudgery to us, so they can focus attention on insights and action. Thanks to @Region 9 Head Start Association @Region IV Head Start Association @WSAHSECEAP #headstartdata

The Head Start Q.I. Network helps program with data and CQI and is accepting applications for the 2021-22 program year. Check out our webinar on March 17. Details at Thanks to cohosts @Region9HS @michheadstart @WSA Head Start and ECEAP @[email protected]

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